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Amazing parks like Rock Creek offers kids and adults alike, the chance to learn how to handle and ride a horse around a natural terrain

Rock Creek Park Horse Center

May 20, 2014

Who can say no to a lovely horseback ride in woodlands, enjoying nature in its full glory? If you would like to experience an adventure on a back of this regal animal, head over to Rock Creek Park, where you will find a horse center in the depths of the woods.

Located in Washington DC, Rock Creek Park Horse Center offers riding lessons, trail rides, pony rides, summer camps and other activities to charter bus visitors who want to experience an adventure on a horse.

Riding Lessons

Rock Creek Park Horse Center offers rental bus visitors a solid foundation on horse riding, primarily in the ring and sometimes at practice trails. Group riding lessons are held on a term basis, with classes meeting every week. These terms vary in duration, between 12-14 weeks during spring, fall and winter.

Pricing for Group Lessons: 60 minutes = $50 Per Class
Pricing for Private Lessons: 60 minutes = $90 Per Class

Private Lessons are generally booked on a recurring basis, in fixed weekly time slots.

Trail Rides

For trail rides in Rock Creek Park, charter bus visitors do not need any prior experience in horseback riding. Each ride leaves the Horse Center to follow the beauty and nature of Rock Creek Park through wooded trails, returning back to the stables for dismount and a delightful memory to take home.

All Trails are:

  • Lasts for approximately one hour long
  • $40 per person
  • Lead by an experienced Trail Guide
  • Lead at the pace of walking only
  • Limited to four patrons per ride

Pony Rides

If you have children traveling with you, they would love a chance to enjoy a pony ride offered by Rock Creek Park Horse Center. These supervised rides offers a chance for children over 2 ½ years of age to ride on a pony. However, do take note to dress your child appropriately in long pants, and closed-toe shoes, and a helmet will be provided by the center.

Summer Camps

With summer around the corner, how about planning a summer camp trip for your children and friends? Rock Creek Park Horse Center offers summer camps for students from ages four and above. During the camp, kids can improve their horsemanship skills while having fun. Students learn in a safe, relaxed atmosphere through demonstrations, hands-on barn activities, and riding lessons. Campers are instructed from the first day on safety skills around a horse. They also learn about the care of horses through games and craft projects.

Bus Charter Washington DC as your charter bus company of choice

So, should you plan a trip to Washington DC, think about heading to Rock Creek Park Horse Center, either for a day, or for a longer duration. For easy traveling, hire a charter bus at 1-800-304-1993 or 202-434-8368.